Our club is a family friendly and safety oriented hunting club located in Saluda County, SC. At the moment, we have just over 3300 acres of hunting land, including over 740 acres of quality managed land.  There is a great mix of hardwoods, bottoms, cutovers and food plots.  We have plenty of covered box stands and tower stands that will comfortably seat an adult and a child.  There's a place to skin your deer, and properly dispose the remains. We have a rifle range, a clubhouse, camper parking available, and best of all - lots of deer, turkey, and small game.  The annual family membership dues are $650 a year.  We accept major credit cards.

Hey - Check out the article about Rack and Spur Hunt Club, LLC in the SC Sportsman magazine. Click here to read the article.


Mark McGraw needed some adult supervision to get his stand up! (see below)


Jim Parsons and his loyal companion getting their stand together!! 


Hot! Hot! Hot! Hot! Hot! Hot! Hot! Hot! 

We Just picked up an additional 411 acres of land!  112 acres that borders tract 9 and 299 acrres on Union School Road off Highway 39.  The Union School Road tract will be designated as tract 7.


Scott, Cody, and Melvin had a good time out on tract 4 today 4/30/2014  - Keep em' straight Cody!

 Hot! Hot! Hot! Hot! Hot! Hot! Hot! Hot!   

It's official!  Rack and Spur Hunt Club, LLC has a new clubhouse! And, it has 37 acres of land with it we can hunt.  There is some work to do to it; but not much.  It is really a "gold nugget" for the club.  The best part is we have a 10 year lease with no price increase through the ten years!  You can see more photos on the "Rack and Spur Photos" page.  You may have to view the photos as a slideshow. The address is 333 Farrah Rd, Saluda.  It is 3.3 miles from our current site.

Had a good time building stands at the club this past Friday.  Looks like Mark McGraw wanted to play "King of the Stand"!


Mark McGraw building his masterpiece!      Kids will be kids - right Mark?


Mr. Christopher "stands tall" on this stand!

Want Directions to our property locations from the new clubhouse? Select Rack and Spur Photos on the menu line and then select "Directions to the tracts of land from the NEW Clubhouse".

 Nothing like a little father and

daughter time in the deer stand. 

Looks like Rob and Mia are having a good time!!

Want to see our property locations? Click here https://mapsengine.google.com/map/edit?mid=zs26qAp_zl4A.kjkAAPq31WOU


2013 Happenings



One of our members took a look at our 2013 hunting season from his eyes. Click here to see the video. Thanks to Billy Moore for his hard work and for being an awesome member of the club.


Outdoors Without Limits

Rack and Spur Hunt Club, LLC is proud to be a supporter of Outdoors Without Limits (OWL). OWL is an organization that provides opportunities for hunters that would not otherwise have the opportunity to hunt and enjoy the outdoors.

We had a great time assisting with the Outdoors Without Limits program this year. The deer were a little uncooperative but at least we provided hunters who may not have otherwise had the opportunity to hunt get out and enjoy the outdoors. Check out the photos in thr "Rack and Spur Photos" tab.



Family and Friends Day


We had an awesome time at family and friends day. There was plenty of good food, lots of hanging around with each other and just having a good ole time. And - we got some hunting in. Want to see some pictures? Click on Rack and Spur Photos above and look for Family and Friends Day 2013.

 2013 Harvest








Billy Moore and his very nice 10 point taken on tract 5.






Harrison Gibson's first buck!  A nice four point.  Good Job Harrison!





Carson Vaughn - First deer.






Bradley Pritchard - First deer, a nice four point.  Congrats Bradley!







Michael Hynson - First Deer.  Way to go Michael!

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