Rack and Spur Hunt Club, LLC is a family friendly and safety oriented hunting club located in Saluda County, South Carolina. At the moment, we have over 3300 acres of hunting land. Approximately 740 of that 3300 acres is quality managed land. There is a great mix of hardwood bottoms, cutover, short pines, tall pines and food plots. We have plenty of box and tower stands that will comfortably seat a grown-up and a child. There's a place to skin your deer and properly dispose the remains. Camper parking is available. The clubhouse has 14 bunks, two bathrooms, kitchen, and a wood burning stove. But best of all - we have plenty of deer, turkey, and small game. We accept major credit cards.


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Rack and Spur Hunt Club, LLC supported the Outdoors Without Limits Program this past Saturday with their hunt.  This year, unlike last year, was a bit more sucessful. We had lots of deer seen and the biggest dear of the hunt came from our club.  Thanks to all the Rack and Spur Hunt Club, LLC members that supported this event and made it a huge success. 
Brian Barden escorted OWL Hunter and took this very nice 8 point on a 15 minute hunt!  Congrats on a very nice deer!






Start them young.........

Merry Christmas from Rack and Spur Hunt Club, LLC!

Wesley Smith - 8 Point.  Wesley said two were traveling together; the other one was bigger but no shot.

Scott Ogle with a nice Thanksgiving 9 point!   Way to go Scott - you have a lot to be thankful for. !!!








Kendrick Mariano - Doe

First Deer!!!






Landon Mook is having a very successful deer season.  Shot his first one earlier in the year and is knocking them down!



Mike Scott with a double!


8 point and a Doe.


Ms. Tonia displaying the harvest.



Look what followed Mike Scott out of the woods.  It's Mr. and Mrs. Cockrell's pet deer!   Take note the deer is wearing an orange collar.  Be VERY careful when hunting tract 9 and make sure you know your target.  This is a pet deer and not one to be harvested.



Does anyone know know where this one is?  I do!!!!


Now  this is team work.  Mark shot this big 8 point during the snow and Scott finished off the harvest the next day - way to go guys!  But, who gets the meat?

Wesley Smith - 180lb 8point Non Typical
Tom Connely - Nice 7 point
Do you think Landon has a big smile on his face!  Sure does - he just harvested his first deer!

This is a perfect example of what CAN NOT be harvested on Tracts 4 and 7!



Hey - Check out the article about Rack and Spur Hunt Club, LLC in the SC Sportsman magazine. Click here to read the article.

 Nothing like a little father and daughter time in the deer stand.Looks like Rob and Mia are having a good time!!

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